August 2021

Date Day Competition Tees Reserved Format Other Info
01-August Sunday
02-August Monday Seniors v Windmill (A) 09:00
03-August Tuesday
04-August Wednesday Seniors Competition until 12:30
05-August Thursday
06-August Friday
07-August Saturday August Medal Until 16:00 Order of Merit Rd 5
08-August Sunday Avon v The Vale (H) 11:30
09-August Monday
10-August Tuesday Colin Riley 9 Hole Medal
11-August Wednesday Seniors Competition until 12:30
12-August Thursday Barnes Close Golf Society 9:30 – 10:30
13-August Friday
14-August Saturday Club Championship Round 1 Until 16:00 Medal Major
15-August Sunday Club Championship Round 2 12:00 Medal Top 30 qualifiers
16-August Monday
17-August Tuesday Seniors v Oakridge (A) 09:00
18-August Wednesday Seniors Competition until 12:30
19-August Thursday
20-August Friday
21-August Saturday Bill Bevan Par 70 Until16:00
21-August Saturday Avon v West Midlands (A)
22-August Sunday
23-August Monday
24-August Tuesday Colin Riley Stableford
25-August Wednesday Senior Club Championship & Bill Mitch Trophy Morning 12 holes
26-August Thursday Colin Riley 9 Hole Stableford
27-August Friday
28-August Saturday Les Knights Fours
29-August Sunday Avon League v Rugby (H) tee off 12:00
30-August Monday
31-August Tuesday Seniors v Hatchford Brook (H) 09:00