Copsewood Grange Golf Course are now associated with the English Golf Union.


Members can now apply for an E.G.U card with a personal National ID number. The card is free and has certain benefits i.e. discounts in shops and holidays.


To register please follow the instructions below.

1) Visit the EGU “Golf Central” web site at http://www.englishgolfunion.org/golfcentral/

2) Click NEW USER and completes the Registration process. The registration process allows you to see your ID number.

Our results will be uploaded to Masters Scoreboard on a Sunday or Monday after the competitions.
You can view results and see your handicap at http://www.masterscoreboard.co.uk

Just follow the instructions on the site.


If you require a handicap certificate please email Phil Gaffney at philgaffney@aol.com