How to join

Membership CategoryPrice
Full 7 Day Member£4802.5% reduction after 15 consecutive years full membership at age 45
10 % reduction after 10 consecutive years full membership at age 70
6 Day Plus£432Sunday to Friday plus Saturday after 15:30 BST (14:00 GMT)
5 Day£384Monday to Friday only
Husband & Wife . . from£192Open to a members partner. 5 day £192, 6 day £216 & 7 day £240
Pay by instalment . . from£9Monthly standing order over 6 months or £36 over up to 12 months

Intermediate 26-27 *£408Intermediate 24-25 *£336Intermediate 22-23 *£264
Intermediate 18-21 *£192Junior 15-17 **£99Junior 14 & under **£49
* Age on 1st April** Age on 1st SeptemberLocker£12

Fees are calculated pro rata when joining after 1st April and an indicative price is available from our Excel ready reckoner. Click here to download a Copsewood Grange Golf Club Membership Application Form. Contact Neal Plummer on 07756 076263 for further details

Fees include

  • free monthly group coaching sessions with Nick Jenkins, golf professional
  • Warwickshire and England golf union fees including a County card which entitles you to discounts up to 50% at 1400 other clubs.
  • compulsory membership of the Copsewood Sports and Social Club. Parents of Juniors are required to join the Social Club if they are not already a member, but this is included within the Junior golf fees.