How to join

Apply online or download a PDF or WORD version.

The Club respects the privacy of its members. The personal data on this form is entered into the golf and social club membership databases for internal usage only and under no circumstances is shared with any 3rd parties.
Membership CategoryPrice
Full 7 Day Member£4863.5% reduction after 15 consecutive years full membership at age 45
10 % reduction after 10 consecutive years full membership at age 70
6 Day Plus£437Sunday to Friday plus Saturday after 15:30 BST (14:30 GMT)
5 Day£381Monday to Friday only
Husband & Wife . . from£127Open to a members partner. 5 day £127, 6 day £146 & 7 day £162
Pay by 6 instalments£12Monthly standing order over 6 months - extra £2 per month
Pay by 12 instalments£36Monthly standing order over 12 months - extra £3 per month. Discretionary for new members

See also prices for Juniors and Intermediate age groups up to 27

Fees are calculated pro rata when joining after 1st April and an indicative price is available from our Excel ready reckoner. Contact Neal Plummer on 07756 076263 for further details

Fees include

  • free monthly group coaching sessions with Nick Jenkins, golf professional
  • Warwickshire and England golf union fees including a County card which entitles you to discounts up to 50% at 1400 other clubs.
  • compulsory membership of the Copsewood Sports and Social Club.